Bless the patron of power.

Then ahoy fertility, ar-ar the meaning of boundless, the propagation of what is chosen from purple, the un-importance of how little the small brilliance is, it’s unique place amongst every billionth of shining, variable; the undying fire in every furnace. Prettier when left alone and moreish, this partnership is a unity as the expression of … Devamını oku

This one man a dub

Heed whom call themselve a-prioriThis not care if one in a billion peopleAs we return to crafts, folk and landOn the white world ruinThey StumbleThey a yelling me, myself and in my shoesYet no one there not even a themWhere we turn, we turn for purpose, for compassionA lost plea, a lost lot at a … Devamını oku


RiseOlive in the skyRays of hopeLaughingA chance of a chanceDoing because livingLiving because doingNo causa-suiyet we are alive in one