Bless the patron of power.

Then ahoy fertility, ar-ar the meaning of boundless, the propagation of what is chosen from purple, the un-importance of how little the small brilliance is, it’s unique place amongst every billionth of shining, variable; the undying fire in every furnace. Prettier when left alone and moreish, this partnership is a unity as the expression of uniqueness, we are in a certain kind of traffic but we are more than just a headcount counting heads on approximate heights and speeds for accident stories, it is a quantum arm that rests on the shoulders of master drivers, who indeed are the ones that warn the half asleep, as well as appear in the dreams of being on the road. Whereas the good and the bad both begin with two people. Even to be able to calculate benefit and loss, I, you and us need to hold onto
an adultness; politeness is the existence of the individual, politeness that the ones who want to drown it in mythology cannot stand, for it exists even though power exists. The wagons of the crush and go-on lot, are focals of meaning and they do not have time for subtleties; so I ask on, if it does not have time for niceties why am I the one who is yearning for the infinite play of the baglama?