gargle it down

bicycle bellsand never setting suna beer or threewash it downsmell the sweetiodine on the wrinkledcanal watersyeswash it downwhat an unfortunatebetrayalthese last roundslock keymemorybrainbrainbrainand homelaugh with the deadwithout dyingwhy don’t youplay the game…why don’t youplay the game.not that thenight is everto die. Foreveris our feast.Hungry are my eyesseeing them hungryeyes looking at mehow deep be these … Devamını oku

The winds uncharted soul

illuminates the sunsof our winter.How long this longing shall stretch?castles they are building nowand within walls of icicles,fate they will want to decide.All is with love,All is with love…metal cables and odourless siliconeAll is with love,All is with love…But symbolic beingsbelieve in systematic beginningsFor always too late to wake up, for too late theyfigure;So passes … Devamını oku