Etiket: falling to a tea house garden

  • gargle it down

    gargle it down

    bicycle bells
    and never setting sun
    a beer or three
    wash it down
    smell the sweet
    iodine on the wrinkled
    canal waters
    wash it down
    what an unfortunate
    these last rounds
    lock key
    and home
    laugh with the dead
    without dying
    why don’t you
    play the game…
    why don’t you
    play the game.
    not that the
    night is ever
    to die. Forever
    is our feast.
    Hungry are my eyes
    seeing them hungry
    eyes looking at me
    how deep be these cliffs
    that lay between
    the edges of this
    and the heads it is
    feeding on.
    “there is a land…”*
    now you see it
    now you don’t
    hide to seek this
    vulture of a
    (*far far away…)
    the same hungry
    faces of the bees
    with ever prosecuted motion
    the idols of
    look but
    don’t touch
    either learn
    or teach
    to touch.
    but touch
    touch, touch…
    time now
    time is to sharpen
    the toxico of the sting.

  • The winds uncharted soul

    The winds uncharted soul

    illuminates the suns
    of our winter.
    How long this longing shall stretch?
    castles they are building now
    and within walls of icicles,
    fate they will want to decide.
    All is with love,
    All is with love…
    metal cables and odourless silicone
    All is with love,
    All is with love…
    But symbolic beings
    believe in systematic beginnings
    For always too late to wake up, for too late they
    So passes the crescent of aeons
    From elders in dead cities
    to uncanny molecules…